Eight Witnesses Monument

This morning before conference we went to the monument of the eight witnesses. It was very peaceful there. Here are some photos I took:

It was just a small plot of ground but very spiritual. Then after we left there we still had about 45 minutes before conference started so we decided to go on to Liberty Jail. I absolutely loved the presentation that the sister missionary gave to us and it was so peaceful looking at the jail as well. She also gave a fabulous testimony during which I could really feel the spirit.

Then we got back home and watched the morning session of conference. I’m looking forward to this last session too.


Wedding Part Two

I finally got the rest of the photos downloaded and reduced in size.

Here is the cake. Notice Daniel’s addition in the photo below.

No face smash!! Good :)

First dance as a married couple.

Getting ready to toss the bouquet.

Where is it???

The bouquet hit the ceiling and fell apart.

The car was really decorated…

definitely decorated :)

We had a blast.

Wedding Part One

I have been lax about posting in here since the wedding. And it was a very nice wedding. I will post some photos. They took photos before the ceremony.

Ryan holding a Mtn Dew, Michael holding a Mtn Dew, Gino smiling best, Daniel adjusting his shoe. I loved this photo of them.As a matter of fact, they did wear converse sneakers. Hers are purple, his are black.

Loved the one above and the one below. :)

And a nice one of the bride and groom along with their groomsmen and bridesmaids.

Above is all of the family who went to the wedding. Below is during the ceremony. I got most of the ceremony on video.

Thackeray family.

This one of Abbie was actually the first photo I took. It looks like I need to still download photos from the reception. More to follow.

An upcoming Wedding

Not much is happening here. I am keeping busy running the current Wellness Challenge (link HERE). I’ve got lots to do but not much motivation to do anything.

The biggest news is that Daniel moved his wedding forward and is getting married TWO weeks from Saturday. Here is the wedding invitation.

Notice their hoodies. Daniel’s family is supposed to wear green and Caulene’s is supposed to wear purple. Michael and I will be flying out for it. I am just a tad excited. After spending so much time with Wayne’s mom it will be nice to see other family members :)

Well…that is all in this installment of burke-works. Until next time…


So last night I went to my first ever Zumba class and it was SO much fun. I told her I would be back every Monday evening. I even put it into my goal for the Wellness Challenge. That way I really would. :)

This morning I completely spaced taking the truck in for its semi annual oil change. But I have an appointment in the morning for the Corolla so I will take the truck in then and reschedule the Corolla. That one can wait a bit longer.

We are having the missionaries for dinner tonight.

Matt has been visiting family down in Georgia for about a week and a half and it is surprising how much I miss him. He should be home in a few days.

That’s all for now.

RS Lesson

Yesterday I gave the lesson in Relief Society. It was the presidency message. The nice thing about that is that I could pick any subject I wanted. The hard thing about that is that I could pick any subject I wanted. The subject I chose was Charity. I got all of my reference material from past Ensign’s but the bulk of it was from a talk by President Monson entitled Charity Never Faileth. It was given at the 2010 General Women’s Conference. It was excellent. Here is the link. First I started with the story about the dirty laundry and the soiled window. Then we talked a bit about the “Moat and Beam” as found in Matthew 7:3 and not judging others. Next I had someone read the story about Sister Monson sitting in an area at conference reserved for board members then we talked about judging actions and words of others as well as the appearance of others. Then I had someone else read the story of the disfigured man who found a place to stay in a boarding house across the street from a hospital. Then we talked about the attributes of charity. I posted them on the chalkboard. They are:

  1. Suffereth Lon
  2. Is Kind
  3. Envieth Not
  4. Is Not Puffed Up
  5. Seeketh Not Her Own
  6. Is Not Easily Provoked
  7. Thinketh No Evil
  8. Rejoiceth in Truth, Not Iniquity
  9. Beareth and Endureth All Things
  10. Believeth and Hopeth All Things

I told them how I had listed these items on a sticky note and put them on the desktop of my computer. And how I referred to them daily to remind me how to be. I then asked if they had any stories that had happened to them or they had done relating to any of these charitable attributes. We had a good discussion and I also shared some stories that I had found in the Ensign magazine and also a couple scriptural references. We also made references to Visiting Teaching.

I think that all in all it went very well and I had several compliments about it.


My goal was to have Christmas put away before knitting class at 6:30pm. So I frantically started taking ornaments off the tree, gathered all the knick knacks, and unstrung the lights outside. Luckily we have a pre-lit tree. But amongst all of that I also had to get things cleaned up from painting…or at least the front room back in order. So I also had to peel off tape, attach face plates to the switches and plug ins, as well as vacuum and put all the furniture back. Oh and rehang the pictures. I did the front room first…well except putting the sectional back…it was still in the middle of the room this morning. I was about done with the Christmas stuff when I realized that the only thing I had left to pack away was a tablecloth. Under all of books from the bookcase. Which I had to put back on the bookcase (which we had moved from the front room to paint). So my day went like that…having to do something else to get the original task accomplished :) But I finally got it all done, went to knitting group, which gave me my social interaction for the day :) HAPPY!!

This first photo is the green wall…which doesn’t look too bad in this photo. Figures.

Here is a photo of the piano in the front room with the new white walls.

Here is the bookcase with the books back in it :)

And here is a photo of the dining room. We also painted the white under the chair rail. Sorry it is so dark…must be because of the window.

That’s all folks!