New quilt

I am making a new quilt for my bed and am going to give a teaser.

Yes…it is going to eventually be a double wedding ring quilt. It is a great way to use up small scraps. I think I am going to like it :)

The veggies are growing!!

Here’s proof:

The peas grew right up to the light and then with no trellis they tipped over and are growing back down or sideways. I don’t see any heads of lettuce, pea pods, or peppers yet but hopefully soon.

O…and I swear we must have about 30 fish now. I took a video…I will try to get it. OK…I guess I’ll have to make a YouTube account and link it that way :) Something new to learn and do…YAY!!

Sewing and quilting

So I have this ongoing project. I am making postage stamp quilts for all my grandchildren. So far I have made ones for Elisabeth,




and I just finished Caleb and Sammy’s,

Caleb’s is the one on the left and Sammy’s is on the right. So…they take time. A LOT OF TIME!! But I love doing it. I still need to make one for Aaron then Natalie and eventually the new baby once she gets big enough for a twin bed. I also made a small blanket for new baby girl (I hope she gets named soon).

I have some violet crochet thread to crochet a border around it. I do a blanket similar to this for all my new grandbabies.

I am heading to Utah with the above 3 blankets/quilts since they all belong there but I decided I had to bring something for Jennica too. So this is what she gets:

I hope she likes it!! I have also begun a quilt for my bed but I know it will take a LONG time. It is a double wedding ring quilt. So far I have 2 blocks done. I will take photos when I have a few more done and them put together.

New grandbaby!!

We got a new granddaughter yesterday morning…SO EXCITED!! She doesn’t have a name¬† yet but she was 7 pounds 7 ounces and 20 inches long.¬† Here is a photo:

I get to go there in 6 days but in my opinion that is 6 days too long. But it costs too much to change the airplane ticket.

The peas are growing

Actually everything in the aquaponics grow bed is growing but especially the peas. I took a couple photos last night and they have surpassed the top of the lattice and we made it 18 inches tall. I’m not sure if we need to make it taller or just let them fall over or grow back down from here. Here are the photos: