The rest of the summer

It is already September. The summer flew by. Life was pretty much normal. We still had Matt and Marla (aka Angel) living with us. At the end of August we decided it was best for Marla to find another home to live in since we were going on a trip. When we got home and she was gone the house just didn’t seem the same. But I am getting used to a house full of men again (well except Zelda…at least she is a girl puppy). A new Cracker Barrel opened in town and Matt got a job there. It opened Labor Day and he has had only a few days off. And he works long hours but he is happy to be working and saving money for his mission. He had to work yesterday (Sunday) and got over $100 in tips. He told this story about one of his customers:

  • They are regular Cracker Barrel customers and had eaten there every day since it had opened. He told them about saving for his mission and instead of dessert they tipped him that money. So their bill was $10 and they tipped him $10. He was pretty happy about that.

So at the end of August until the beginning of September for a week Wayne and I flew to Arkansas. It is always a working vacation going there since neither of them are in good enough health to do the big jobs. This time we tackled the yard. We trimmed every bush on the property and all of the smaller trees. The large trees had been trimmed last winter. Then we put all the branches and brush in a pile. We also cleaned out some of the shed, attic, back porch, and weeded all the flower beds. We added all those things to the growing pile and hired a man to haul everything away to the dump.

While we were there, we talked to Rusty and mom about moving to Maryland with us. They were both receptive to the idea so we are hoping they will be all moved by the end of the year. That means a lot of work at their house though so I will probably go back for a month to help them go through everything. Right now Rusty is undergoing chemo but so far is handling it rather well. He is half done with his treatments.

So, that was that trip in a nutshell. It is always nice to go and visit them. We got back and it was Labor Day weekend. So Wayne didn’t have to go to work until Tuesday but those three days he had of work last week were almost 40 hours worth. Then on Friday we headed up to Pennsylvania with Brian. We went to Kristin and Darrell’s wedding. It was held at a Bed and Breakfast and we got to stay there!! It was my first experience and it was nice. The highlight of the trip (besides the wedding) was going to Hershey’s Chocolate World. We took the free ride inside, took the trolley ride, and of course bought some chocolate. In town the lampposts along the main street were shaped like Kisses. The Milton Hershey school was very interesting and it was fun to see his birthplace and the factories. I have photos on my tablet…I’ll have to see if I can somehow post them to this.

At the Bed and Breakfast we stayed in the Blue Room.

Here are some photos from the wedding:

As you can tell from the cake, Darrell is a geek :) It was a nice wedding. It was supposed to be outside but strong storms came through the area at that time so it was moved inside. The bride and groom dealt with the unexpected change nicely.

I can’t blog without including at least one photo of the puppies. So lets make it five!!

This last one is them watching Wayne eat. He almost always gives them the last bite and here they are patiently waiting.

Zelda is slowly growing. I took her in last week to be weighed and get heartworm meds and she was over 33 pounds. She is still tiny compared to Thor though. Tomorrow she goes in for a spay.

That’s all for today. I’ve got a lot to do because we are holding FHE here tonight.