My goal was to have Christmas put away before knitting class at 6:30pm. So I frantically started taking ornaments off the tree, gathered all the knick knacks, and unstrung the lights outside. Luckily we have a pre-lit tree. But amongst all of that I also had to get things cleaned up from painting…or at least the front room back in order. So I also had to peel off tape, attach face plates to the switches and plug ins, as well as vacuum and put all the furniture back. Oh and rehang the pictures. I did the front room first…well except putting the sectional back…it was still in the middle of the room this morning. I was about done with the Christmas stuff when I realized that the only thing I had left to pack away was a tablecloth. Under all of books from the bookcase. Which I had to put back on the bookcase (which we had moved from the front room to paint). So my day went like that…having to do something else to get the original task accomplished :) But I finally got it all done, went to knitting group, which gave me my social interaction for the day :) HAPPY!!

This first photo is the green wall…which doesn’t look too bad in this photo. Figures.

Here is a photo of the piano in the front room with the new white walls.

Here is the bookcase with the books back in it :)

And here is a photo of the dining room. We also painted the white under the chair rail. Sorry it is so dark…must be because of the window.

That’s all folks!

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