Wedding Part One

I have been lax about posting in here since the wedding. And it was a very nice wedding. I will post some photos. They took photos before the ceremony.

Ryan holding a Mtn Dew, Michael holding a Mtn Dew, Gino smiling best, Daniel adjusting his shoe. I loved this photo of them.As a matter of fact, they did wear converse sneakers. Hers are purple, his are black.

Loved the one above and the one below. :)

And a nice one of the bride and groom along with their groomsmen and bridesmaids.

Above is all of the family who went to the wedding. Below is during the ceremony. I got most of the ceremony on video.

Thackeray family.

This one of Abbie was actually the first photo I took. It looks like I need to still download photos from the reception. More to follow.

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