The veggies are growing!!

Here’s proof:

The peas grew right up to the light and then with no trellis they tipped over and are growing back down or sideways. I don’t see any heads of lettuce, pea pods, or peppers yet but hopefully soon.

O…and I swear we must have about 30 fish now. I took a video…I will try to get it. OK…I guess I’ll have to make a YouTube account and link it that way :) Something new to learn and do…YAY!!

The peas are growing

Actually everything in the aquaponics grow bed is growing but especially the peas. I took a couple photos last night and they have surpassed the top of the lattice and we made it 18 inches tall. I’m not sure if we need to make it taller or just let them fall over or grow back down from here. Here are the photos:

Aquaponics gardening

Our new venture is aquaponics. It is growing plants or herbs via a fish tank. Our fish tank is filled with guppies (we keep getting more as we have both male and female fish) and their waste is pumped into a grow bed to fertilize it and then it drips back down into the fish tank. We have a 20L tank, 4 adult guppies (2 male and 2 female) and too many fry to count. Here is a photo of the tank:

The grow bed is sitting on top of it. In the grow bed we are growing lettuce, carrots, peas, and peppers. We planted about 2 weeks ago. Here are the photos:

This first one was taken on the 17th of March. The next one was taken on the 21st. We soon discovered the peas (back right side) were getting too big and decided to make a trellis for them. The above photo was taken yesterday (March 29th). Back left are carrots. Back right are peas. Front left are lettuce. Front right are peppers. All are growing pretty good!! Pretty exciting for us!! I will be adding photos as this project continues.