New quilt

I am making a new quilt for my bed and am going to give a teaser.

Yes…it is going to eventually be a double wedding ring quilt. It is a great way to use up small scraps. I think I am going to like it :)

Sewing and quilting

So I have this ongoing project. I am making postage stamp quilts for all my grandchildren. So far I have made ones for Elisabeth,




and I just finished Caleb and Sammy’s,

Caleb’s is the one on the left and Sammy’s is on the right. So…they take time. A LOT OF TIME!! But I love doing it. I still need to make one for Aaron then Natalie and eventually the new baby once she gets big enough for a twin bed. I also made a small blanket for new baby girl (I hope she gets named soon).

I have some violet crochet thread to crochet a border around it. I do a blanket similar to this for all my new grandbabies.

I am heading to Utah with the above 3 blankets/quilts since they all belong there but I decided I had to bring something for Jennica too. So this is what she gets:

I hope she likes it!! I have also begun a quilt for my bed but I know it will take a LONG time. It is a double wedding ring quilt. So far I have 2 blocks done. I will take photos when I have a few more done and them put together.