Wedding Part Two

I finally got the rest of the photos downloaded and reduced in size.

Here is the cake. Notice Daniel’s addition in the photo below.

No face smash!! Good :)

First dance as a married couple.

Getting ready to toss the bouquet.

Where is it???

The bouquet hit the ceiling and fell apart.

The car was really decorated…

definitely decorated :)

We had a blast.

Happy New Year

I am going to write more on this blog this year. Today Wayne and I painted the front room. It took all day. The color is linen white and to me it looks like the color of french vanilla ice cream. The day before Christmas I went up to Waldorf to buy a suit for Matt. Mens Wearhouse had buy one get one free so Michael got a new suit too. I also got Matt 2 new ties. While we were there we went to Home Depot and bought paint. I bought a 5 gallon bucket of this white paint and also a 5 gallon bucket of light green paint. We were going to paint the kitchen in the green paint but we all hate it after painting the half wall between the kitchen and the family room. So now we have no idea what to do with this light green paint. It is just too bright and stands out. It needs to be more of a dusty green color and instead it is more like a lime green color. Stay tuned for what we decide to do with it.

A week with the Buhr’s

  • Had a great time with our company at the beginning of June.
  • We went to Point Lookout and waded in the Patuxent River.
  • Went to the temple and visitor’s center in DC and Gettysburg in Pennsylvania all in one day. It was a VERY long day.
  • Went to Calvert Marine Museum and Anne Marie Gardens. Really enjoyed touring the lighthouse at the museum.
  • Went to Pirate Adventures on the Chesapeake in Annapolis. They dressed up kids in pirate gear and then we had an hour long boat ride on the Bay complete with treasure maps, buried treasure and water canon fights. Definitely an adventure and well worth the $$$.
  • We went to Kings Dominion. While there my keys flew out of my pocket on a roller coaster right into the lake beneath us. Then our very last roller coaster, Flight of Fear, was under ground. We were almost through the ride when the power went off. We ended up being stuck on the coaster in pitch black for about 20 minutes.
  • The last place we went was to the Washington Mall and two of the Smithsonian museums. We were there with half a million Girl Scouts and their leaders and it was HOT!! We took the METRO in and walked more than I think I ever have before. But it was fun.
  • I forgot my camera on most of the days but did get a few photos from Kings Dominion and DC.

Above and below are a look at the park from the Eiffel Tower

I went on this roller coaster once. Davey and Michael went on it two or three times. The last time they rode it I took some photos. You can see Michael on the photo below in the last visible car closest to the camera. I though the photos turned out great especially considering how fast they were moving.

These next photos are from the Washington Mall.

I really liked how the sun made the stained glass pretty in the Lincoln Memorial.

My camera’s battery died during taking photos of the WWII Memorial but I was able to get it to turn back on to take the Capitol building and the mummy in the Smithsonian. We had a great week :)