The rest of the summer

It is already September. The summer flew by. Life was pretty much normal. We still had Matt and Marla (aka Angel) living with us. At the end of August we decided it was best for Marla to find another home to live in since we were going on a trip. When we got home and she was gone the house just didn’t seem the same. But I am getting used to a house full of men again (well except Zelda…at least she is a girl puppy). A new Cracker Barrel opened in town and Matt got a job there. It opened Labor Day and he has had only a few days off. And he works long hours but he is happy to be working and saving money for his mission. He had to work yesterday (Sunday) and got over $100 in tips. He told this story about one of his customers:

  • They are regular Cracker Barrel customers and had eaten there every day since it had opened. He told them about saving for his mission and instead of dessert they tipped him that money. So their bill was $10 and they tipped him $10. He was pretty happy about that.

So at the end of August until the beginning of September for a week Wayne and I flew to Arkansas. It is always a working vacation going there since neither of them are in good enough health to do the big jobs. This time we tackled the yard. We trimmed every bush on the property and all of the smaller trees. The large trees had been trimmed last winter. Then we put all the branches and brush in a pile. We also cleaned out some of the shed, attic, back porch, and weeded all the flower beds. We added all those things to the growing pile and hired a man to haul everything away to the dump.

While we were there, we talked to Rusty and mom about moving to Maryland with us. They were both receptive to the idea so we are hoping they will be all moved by the end of the year. That means a lot of work at their house though so I will probably go back for a month to help them go through everything. Right now Rusty is undergoing chemo but so far is handling it rather well. He is half done with his treatments.

So, that was that trip in a nutshell. It is always nice to go and visit them. We got back and it was Labor Day weekend. So Wayne didn’t have to go to work until Tuesday but those three days he had of work last week were almost 40 hours worth. Then on Friday we headed up to Pennsylvania with Brian. We went to Kristin and Darrell’s wedding. It was held at a Bed and Breakfast and we got to stay there!! It was my first experience and it was nice. The highlight of the trip (besides the wedding) was going to Hershey’s Chocolate World. We took the free ride inside, took the trolley ride, and of course bought some chocolate. In town the lampposts along the main street were shaped like Kisses. The Milton Hershey school was very interesting and it was fun to see his birthplace and the factories. I have photos on my tablet…I’ll have to see if I can somehow post them to this.

At the Bed and Breakfast we stayed in the Blue Room.

Here are some photos from the wedding:

As you can tell from the cake, Darrell is a geek :) It was a nice wedding. It was supposed to be outside but strong storms came through the area at that time so it was moved inside. The bride and groom dealt with the unexpected change nicely.

I can’t blog without including at least one photo of the puppies. So lets make it five!!

This last one is them watching Wayne eat. He almost always gives them the last bite and here they are patiently waiting.

Zelda is slowly growing. I took her in last week to be weighed and get heartworm meds and she was over 33 pounds. She is still tiny compared to Thor though. Tomorrow she goes in for a spay.

That’s all for today. I’ve got a lot to do because we are holding FHE here tonight.

Trip to Kansas and Utah and Arkansas

The original plan was to go to Kansas, Adam ondi Ahman, Liberty Jail, Carthage, Nauvoo, Salt Lake City, and Kirtland. But things never quite go the way you expect them to go. On this trip I took Michael, Matt, and Angel and we were in the Corolla. We drove straight through to Kansas City leaving Friday morning. It was a 20 hour drive. We decided to take hotels for the next set of long drives. We got to Kansas City and stayed with my mom and dad for what was left of the first night. They have bought a home near the KC temple and you can see the temple from their house. The house has needed quite a bit of work but they are making good progress. It is a lovely home. We left on Saturday afternoon to go to Kansas. Me and my five sisters were getting together so we could see my mom before she had surgery for her breast cancer. Unfortunately Krista had to leave before Kelly arrived so we didn’t get to get a photo of all of us together. We met at Kerry’s ranch so I got to see her new home too. I had a lovely time with my family there. Then on Saturday night we stayed the night at Diane’s and went to church with her family on Sunday. Then on Sunday afternoon we went back out to Kerry’s home. Angel had a good experience while there on Saturday. You can read a little bit about it here on her blog. I wish she could stay with us…it has been a joy having her here this past month.

OK…back to the trip. On Monday I wanted to go to Liberty jail and Adam ondi Ahman but Angel wasn’t feeling well so we just stayed home and rested. We left on Tuesday to drive out to Utah arriving on Wednesday the fourth of July. We took I-80 out through Nebraska and Wyoming. It has pitiful scenery but was the quickest way and plus then we got to stay semi close to Diane and her family. We spent the night at a nice Super 8 motel in Nebraska and had adjoining rooms with Diane and her family. We had brought an extra cot and twin air mattress plus a couple sleeping bags that came in mighty handy. On Wednesday we stopped at Little America in Wyoming for fifty cents ice cream cones. They had free wifi there which was handy plus we stayed long enough that Diane and her family met us there. Our next stop was in Evanston WY to purchase some fireworks. Most everything was legal in SLC so we bought a little of everything. We arrived in SLC and went straight to Zach’s moms house to watch and set off fireworks. We went up on a hill by a school and got to see several different cities fireworks. They were nice. Daniel had come up from Orem and it was SOOOO good to have all my children and grandchildren together in one place. By this time it was late so we all went to our respective motels / homes for the night. I had reserved rooms at a La Quinta but the points didn’t come through so we just stayed the one night and stayed the rest of the time at Julie’s. O, except Saturday night. I got a room at the Residence Inn on points and the boys stayed there that night and the girls stayed at Julie’s. By boys I mean Michael, Daniel, and Matt and by girls I mean me, Caulene (Daniel’s fiance), and Angel.

On Thursday the fifth we rested up and on Friday we went to temple square. I didn’t take my camera because I was thinking I had been there twice before and taken photos so I didn’t have to take them this time. It would have been nice to have brought it though to record this trip but I didn’t so there are no photos of there. But we went to the tabernacle, both visitor’s centers, the Joseph Smith memorial building and saw the movie, and the conference center. It was good to see it all again. We also were in the Family History Library for just a little while. I learned Diane doesn’t really like heights. She didn’t want to go on the roof of the conference center. I talked her into seeing the sandblasted wall but that was all.

On Saturday was the sealing of Julie and Zach. My dad got permission to perform their sealing. Michael was one of the witnesses. I got to hold Abbie when she got sealed to them. Everything was perfect except maybe that Abbie screamed during her sealing. It had been long enough that she was hungry. I do have some photos of this.

This one is Ashley holding Abbie with a bit of help from Nancy (Zach’s sister).

The next one is the best one that I have of all of us.

This one is the best one that I have of Julie’s family.

This next one is the best one that I have of Julie’s side of the family.

I really loved this next one of Matt and Angel. They are so cute together.

And this next one of Julie and Abbie…SO CUTE :)

I almost forgot to take out my camera for the reception so I only got a few photos.

So the day after the temple ceremony was the day that Abbie got her name and blessing. Zach did that and Michael and my dad among others got to stand in. The microphone was not close enough to Zach’s mouth so we had a VERY hard time hearing it but I’m sure it was a wonderful blessing. I didn’t get any photos of that day but there are a few floating out there. I’ll try to snag a few later. We had a get together at Zach’s moms house after church and both of our families were there (well except mom and dad…they already left to visit friends down in southern Utah).

We left Utah on Monday morning going through Price to I-70. I really wanted to show Matt and Angel the Colorado Rocky Mountains. They were beautiful. Here are a couple of my favorite photos.

So, my plan was to go through Colorado on I-70 and then take the diagonal up to I-80 at Denver and then go to Nauvoo and Kirtland but driving through Colorado my plans got changed. Before I left on my trip I had told my mother-in-law that I could come there and help her out if she wanted or needed me to. At the time she said that she would have Rusty take her to her doctor appointment on Wednesday but she changed her mind and wanted me to take her. So we had to go home via Arkansas and scratched our plans to go to Nauvoo and Kirtland. Everything ended up being fine during her appointment to the Pulmonologist so she said I didn’t have to stay. In the meantime Michael kept looking online for a place to pick up a pointer puppy. He knew it was a long shot but we had been thinking for awhile that Thor needed a playmate. Wayne was set on getting another pointer. Well Michael found a breeder in southwest Missouri that had a litter of pups ready for adoption. They had 2 females left so on Thursday we went to look at them. We picked one out, put down a deposit, and said we would pick her up Friday morning. So we are now the proud owners of TWO dogs :) Our new puppy is liver and white with one large spot on the right side of her back and many smaller spots. She also looks like she has muddy paws. We are still discussing names for her. A few photos:

I do have a video but will have to upload them later as they are too large right now.